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Hi, I’m Molly Porter and this is my website.

Molly Porter

Molly Porter, Chicago content strategist

I am a communicator, skilled in content strategy, information architecture, user experience and digital media. I have B2B and B2C marketing experience, but the bulk of my professional life has been spent in professional services marketing – primarily law firms.

At my job, I work with approximately 4200 stakeholders, all of whom are brilliant, educated, sophisticated professionals with their own opinions and agendas. My role is to take all of those inputs and:
-create client-focused digital experiences that express the brand and support business development.
-help the firm adopt the digital marketing techniques and technologies that support our business goals.

I write this blog mainly to keep my writing and thinking sharp  – and to experience first hand the trials and tribulations of keeping a blog running.  My goal is to post every week or two on Monday or Tuesday.  I welcome your feedback!

Content Strategy for Law Firms

I moderate a LinkedIn group called Content Strategy for Law Firms. It is a networking group for the in-house law firm worker bees who conceive, plan, create, produce, govern, manage and analyze content across a variety of media.

The goal of the group is to learn about the mindset, tools and processes of content strategy so that we get better at our jobs – and maybe, eventually begin to build  cultures of content within our firms. If you fit this profile and want to learn more about content strategy, please request to join.

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